"Roxanne" aka Karin Russer

WebDesigner | GraphicDesigner | Illustrator | Painter

As Designer for classic Graphic Services (Print) I use to create all: from Logos and Stationaries, to Brochures, Ads and Catalogues.
For 2009 I'm working as WebDesignerin too und realize Websites for Enterprises, Communities or private People.

As important the DesktopWork always was for my Business Life as GraphicDesigner, my real Centre of Creativity - even my whole Life was Drawing and Painting. I expanded the Spectrum of various Techniques, improved my Skills and discovered the Potencial of mixing Media and Disciplines. So I do often use conventional created Illustrations as Basis for CAD works or digital Artworks as Source for my Paintings.

Originally ment for realizing Jobs, Drawing and Painting became an important Part of my Life and help me to find my Roots. First I worked in Abstracts, now coming back to naturalistic Sujets. Actually I'm focussing on Portraits - Human and Animals.

Grafik & Mehr Russer - Graphic & Webdesign

FineArt Russer - Paintings & Illustrations

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"Dolly Worlds...

So, my Hobby was my Work and my Work was my Hobby... and soon I felt there is something missing... enough work, less fun. I needed something to express more my Creativity...

Ich found this one in Oriental Dance, founded with 3 other Girls the DanceEnsemble "Almazah" after a while and we really had a lot of Fun - working out Choreos, Plots for DanceTheatre, sewing the Costumes, making Props and all the Stage Stuff.
OrientalDance was a wonderful Companion for many many Years and here I had an awesome Possibility to live my Dream. Always looking for new Ideas and Inspirations I browsed the web - old Crafts and Cultural Backgrounds, Movies, Fairytales, Fantasy, and so many oriental Dance related Hobbies. Finally Icame across an Ebay Auction of a Barbei Doll - the Cleopatra Liz Tayler. I had to have her!
So it began - the Cornerstone for my Barbie Collection...
But soon I found the way to other Manufacturers - there were more I ever imagined - and larger Ones... my first “BigOne” was an Esme by Tonner and I was absolutely impressed by her Beauty and... Weight! So amazing...
And Esme wasn't alone for long Time... After a While by visiting more Doll Websites I discovered all the new fascinating Facettes of my Doll Hobby. There were People who sew Fashions for the little Girls! And even People who repaint those Ladies, give them new Hair and create absolutely amazing new Beings... Incredible!!!
Collecting Dolls was my Addiction, but from this point I discovered the wide World of Customizing, Repainting and Creating... What a wonderful OOAK World!

To give this beautiful Hobby an adequate forum I have built this Website now I hope we'll have Fun.