A New Face...

“Repainting” means what the word says - all factory Paint of the Doll will be removed first - then painted new. The Doll's Face can be done partial (Enhancement) or complete.

If you decide to order a Repaint you have lot of Options to create your personal WishDoll. You can choose Eye- and LipColors - even Manicure and Pedicure are available as Service.

I use high-quality professional Artist Paints and Sealers (Liquitex, Goldens, Aerocolor).


New Look...

You have the Choice: partial ore complete Reroot. For a complete Reroot the original factory Hair of the Doll will be removed and then replaced - Skein by Skein. For partial Reroots there will be added only some skeins e.g. as Highlights.

For my Reroots I use professional Saran Hair, which is very soft and offers a broad Range of Shades and Colors. For creating Furwigs I use Mohair / Tibetlamm and for Faux-Furwigs Acrylic FauxFur. The Hair can be cut and styled after (Curls / Perm).


From Casuals To HighFashion...

Beside my Basic-Line, the Prêt-à-Porter- und Gala-Collections of DollFashions for 16" (Tonner, BJFDs, etc.), 19" (CED) and BJDs (SD und MSD-size), I create One-Of-A-Kind and Custom Pieces as Commisssion. Please feel free to email me if you have Questions depending on this or if like to order your special Piece of Fashion.

Especially my Beadwork Gowns are examples für these unique Models. Please visit my Gallery to get a better impression.

Prices for Comissions:

  • (delivered doll)
  • Complete Repaint 190,-€
  • Enhancement (Lips / Eyes) 70,-€
  • Manicure/Pedicure 30,-€



Prices (delivered doll)

  • Complete Reroot 120,-€
  • Partial Reroot 65,-€
  • Razor-Cut 40,-€
  • Perm 50,-€




Self made...

Unique Doll Creations of Paperclay and Polymer.


Natural Curls...

I create my DollWigs of beautiful Tibetlamb or Mohair. Please ask for available Colors. [Gallery]


DollArt printed...

You can order my DollArt as Postcards, Poster and Calender.


Britta Wagner, Freiburg
Artikel: “Claude” - Tyler Repaint

“Ein wirklich zauberhaftes Repaint, sehr naturgetreu. Ich liebe diese Puppe. 1000 Dank!”

Amelie Ehrenfeld, Düsseldorf
Artikel: “Damasque” - Beadwork-Top für 16" Puppen

“Wundervolles Perlen-Oberteil. Hochwertig verarbeitet und super Passform. Vielen Dank!”

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